The MVM is part of the new Imaging Module family in the 90° IM-compact M design and stable aluminium housing, with a single connection (plug&play). Imaging Modules are optimized combinations of camera, optics, illumination and electronics for a specific application at the same or lower price than a combination of standard components. They are not only more robust and better adapted to the application, but also ensure the same configuration when re-ordered.

The Machine Vision Microscope MVM is one Unit, Plug and Play.

A pure Digital Microscope for the following Applications:

  • - Hardness Testing
  • - Bond Inspection
  • - SMD Control
  • - Solar panel Analysis
  • - Measurements and Documentation
  • - Surface Analysis
  • - Rheology
  • - Scratch Analysis
  • - Crystal Measurement
  • - Adjustment Tool
  • - Micro Connector Measurement and much more...