Brand Summery

The manufacture of Industrial Digital Radiography Systems in India. We are serving the industry in all parts of the country and different parts of the world.With a drive to excel, we have benchmarked our products with the best in the world.Also knowing the Indian user environment and business dynamics.The products have been designed to be rugged, operator-friendly, and cost-effective.

Flexibility to Move the Components

Upto 5 axes using joystick

Automatic Programmable Positioning for high volume and high repeatability

Easy to Use Intuitive Controls

  • Video Streaming for high throughput

Software based Defect Enhancement

Enhance image quality and defect recognition through

Aided Defect Identification

  • Different levels of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for fatigue free repeatability in decisions
  • Decision linked to ASTM Reference Standards

Quick Supply and Installation

  • Short Delivery Cycle
  • Plug and Play Installation


  • Image Integration
  • Several Filters
  • Measurement Tools
  • Annotation Tools
  • Pseudo-coloring