Camera Microscope PCE-WMS 100

Workshop digital microscope with SD memory / USB interface / HDMI display /
Swivel arm / 220x magnification / Full HD microscope

The microscope PCE-WMS 100 is the ideal aid for repair and service workshops. Thanks to the movable camera arm, the camera can be precisely aligned by the microscope on the object to be optically examined. The large 12.5'' display helps the workshop staff to recognize the objects that the camera focuses on.With this workshop digital microscope,the display is connected via HDMI to the camera.The workshop digital microscope can be connected to a PC via the integrated USB interface.To document the recorded images, they can be saved to an SD card.The workshop digital microscope supports memory cards up to 64 GB.For good illumination of objects that are examined with the workshop microscope, the tester is equipped with an LED ring light.

More Information

Camera has become a very important and convenient accessory for the microscope, Camera Microscope application.since it facilitates the working process significantly. There is no need to keep a seen image in the head anymore, and all the pictures and videos taken during the examination or study of an object under the microscope may be documented, saved, viewed later and even presented for demonstration to a large number of spectators. Various measurements required in the process of observation may also be carried out and documented. Microscope with the camera is applied not only for the examination of very tiny objects, but for the bigger samples as well. Even if the object is large enough, but required a detailed check or repair, camera microscope turns out to be very handy, since without any extra efforts an operator may study carefully the object from all the sides, choosing the right magnification, illumination, angle, determine the size and the detect the problem location, if any. Camera Microscope application.It is also perfect for educational purposes, since even if an object is big enough to be precepted by the eye, it may be difficult to demonstrate certain things and processes to a large audience (for example, coins, material samples, jewellery). Due to the camera microscope, it may be done easily, when the picture is brought to a bigger separate screen. One more feature making modern microscopes different from the old optical models is that there are no strict requirements to the sample, and it may be flat as well as volumetric. Perfect illuminating possibilities, chances to take a picture anytime, storage and viewing of the images later, detailed and scrupulous analysis of the sample with measurements if required – all these features bring application of the microscopes on a new level and make them an indispensable equipment for many industrial and educational facilities.

  • - 12.5'' LC Display
  • - 220x magnification
  • - Full HD resolution
  • - HDMI & USB interface
  • - SD memory to 64 GB
  • - Mobile camera arm

Display : 12.5'' LC display,1920 x 1080 pixels
Resolution : 2304 x 1536 pixels
Magnification : 4.8x ... 220x
Light source : LED ring light
Connections : HDMI,USB
Memory : SD card max. 64 GB
Power supply : 110 ... 240V AC / 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Working height : 33 ... 320 mm / 1.3 x 12.6''
Dimensions : 165 x 215 x 470 mm / 6.5 x 8.5 x 18.5''
Operating conditions : 0 ... 40°C / 32 ... 104°F / 30 ... 60% r.H.
Storage conditions : -20 ... 60°C / -4 ... 140°F / 10 ... 80% r.H.